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    DeathLife-threateningCongenital anomalyRequires inpatient hospitalisation or prolongation of existing hospitalizationResults in persistent or significant disability or incapacityRequired intervention to prevent permanent injury

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    DrugVaccineHerbal ProductsCosmeticsDiagnostics

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    RecoveredRecoveringNo ImprovementUnknown

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    Does the product stored according to the instructions


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    Physical, chemical or microbial changesPresence of ParticlesSuspected contaminationNo effectPackagingLabeling problems (caused by printing errors / omissions)Product confusion (caused by name, labeling, design or packaging)

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    About SITCO

    SITCO PHARMA as leading pharmaceutical company , Covering all regions in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through four main branches, western, central, eastern and southern region.

    Additional sales offices will be available in Madinah, Qasim and Makkah cities.

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