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We in Customer and Principal Relation Department of SITCO PHARMA are seeking to present the best experiences and qualifications then reformulate them to meet our clients and Saudi market inquiries. In this department we offer a call center to receive all your questions, suggestions, and complaints then deal with each with very professional standards. We also offer a technology gate through our contemporary and updated website to facilitate your access and communications and minimize the paper consumption to preserve our resources and maintain a green working environment. The website also enables the opening and managing accounts electronically, access to medicines information and all news of the company. It helps as will in providing direct job applications, contributing in social media. We regularly update our information through follow-up with Useful links such as the Food and Drug Authority.

Your satisfaction is our goal. With all appreciation and gratitude


SITCO PHARMA as leading pharmaceutical company , Covering all regions in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through four main branches, western, central, eastern and southern region.

Additional sales offices will be available in Madinah, Qasim and Makkah cities.

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